Most Romantic Small Towns – U.S.A.

Firstly, my apologies for those reader outside the U.S. Sometimes the information may restrict the contents.

Someone sent me a link to this article, “The Most Romantic Small Towns in the U.S.

Only in the U.S.? Seems a little restrictive. Why not most romantic small towns in Asia or the Middle East or the world. But in spite of the restriction, it did pique my interest – a lot.

I read the article wondering why Vivian Chung thinks these were such romantic places.

She didn’t say. So I sifted through her description of each of these small towns, “listening” for the “why” she found them so romantic.

The first towns are on the east coast of the U.S. She likes the east. Then she jumped across the continent. My guess of east vs. west wasn’t accurate.

All but one is located near water – most by the ocean. Does she associate romance with a weekend near the water?

Comparing her writings about Montauk, St. Simons, Aspen, Skaneateles and others, I recognized a commonality.

As Ms. Chung described what made each town romantic, her descriptions focused on how each small town invited couples to spend time walking together, eating together, exploring together, riding together.

Do you sense a pattern? How would you guess Ms. Chung’s prefers way to be romanced? Words? Gifts? Time together? Touch?

I’d guess her romantic preference is spending time together.

If your sweetheart prefers to be romanced by spending time together and you’d like to get away with your sweetheart for a romantic retreat, you might want to look at some of Vivian Chung’s travel writing. She seems to focus on spending time together as being romantic.

When looking for romantic ideas, remember to use your sweetheart’s preference as a parameter in your research.

I think Friday Harbor has some real possibilities for a romantic weekend.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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