This Romance Stuff and Jazz

Several years ago, I gave my sweetheart a book, “Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk” by David Sedaris. Seemed a bit quirky and thought she’d enjoy.

Last week, I started reading the book.

One story describes the relationship between a chipmunk, I’ll call Alice, and squirrel, Henry. The chipmunk family thought she’d lost her tail, but Alice continued seeing Henry.

As happens with relationships, over time gaps of silence began haunting their conversation.

One evening, trying a new topic for the waning conversation, Henry asked Alice if she liked jazz. Having no idea what jazz was about and not wanting to stop this spark of dialog, she claimed she did.

At home, Alice asked her family about this jazz stuff. Looks of disdain and judicious nods warned her it couldn’t be good. (Of course, they didn’t know about jazz.) Fearing jazz was something terrible, she started avoiding Henry. Their relationship died.

A lifetime later, Alice finally learned the delightful truth about jazz. Alice had lost Henry’s companionship because she was afraid of what she didn’t know.

Maybe you don’t know what true romance is about. Or in your house the idea of being romantic was greeted with disdain. You’ve avoided creating Romantic Interludes because you didn’t want to admit you’ve not learned the truth about romance.

No matter your age or how long you’ve been together, I encourage you.

  • Discover the power of romance to enliven your relationship.
  • Take time this week to learn what it means to be romantic.
  • Find out about romancing your sweetheart how your sweetheart wants to be romanced.

For more information about romance and being romantic, explore previous Romantic Memos or look up my eBooks on Amazon.

Learning to bring this unknown “romance” stuff into your relationship can create sparks which will grow into something powerful. Let Romance wake up your relationship.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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