The Romance of Boldness

Two weeks to our anniversary. I wasn’t sure the Romantic Interlude I’d planned would work.

The Geronics were playing at The Strand and I was building an anniversary evening around dinner and their concert.

No worries about dinner. We loved Mexican and Costa del Sol was the venue for our first date 3 years ago. But the Geronics were the wildcard.

After that first dinner, I’d taken her to a small venue, the Train Depot, to hear the Geronics. She hadn’t been impressed.

Honestly, the band wasn’t very good back then. Their lead singer seemed tone deaf, the keyboardist a Liberace wannabe. But in 3 years they’d become a great regional band.

But – would she enjoy the evening? Would it create a good anniversary memory? What if she hated them – again?

When you find yourself in such a situation, your attitude decides the success or failure of the Romantic Interlude.

You see, confidence is an attractive quality. Someone living confidently attracts people like smartphones entices kids. Acting decisively, stating your intentions with assurance, gets your sweetheart attention.

This isn’t arrogance. That’s repulsive.

Arrogant people:

  • Act superior to all others. They condescend to allow your presence.
  • They’re the star and there’s no room for others’ successes.

Confident people:

  • Believe in themselves, knowing their strengths and accepting their weaknesses.
  • They fearlessly make room for others in their life to be successful.

Sometimes we don’t feel confident. That’s human. Sometimes you feel tentative – like I did with the anniversary Interlude. But when you feel uncertain, do what I did. I bought the tickets, made the reservations and invited my sweetheart to a surprise anniversary date.

That evening I acted decisively, calmly and fearlessly telling her the plans for the evening. I acted confidently. The results? A memorable Romantic Interlude.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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