From Date Night to Romantic Interlude

Date Night.

Have you ever heard or read, “every couple should have a weekly date night”?  You probably have.

When you hear or read those two words (“date night”), what do you think about and how do you feel?

  • It turns into, “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know. What would you like to do?”
  • It’s a boring routine: a trip to the same restaurant, eating the same lousy food in a silence broken only by an occasional family feud?
  • Or, the pressure’s on and I’ve got to come up with a great idea, every single w-e-e-k.

I hope date night isn’t missing from your relationship. But if it is, here are a couple ways to develop an active “date night” and keep your Romance Alive.

Date nights don’t just happen by themselves. It takes more than acknowledgment this is a great idea. You’ll need to invest time looking for date night ideas.

  • Check out the local listings for things-to-do or new restaurants in the area.
  • Listen to your sweetheart’s comments on places she/he’d like to go or things to try.
  • Ask friends for suggestions.

Once you’ve collected some ideas, take action. Make plans. Set a date. Get the sitter if needed. Walk out of the house. Make “date night” a reality.

(Hmm. Time and Action. Sounds like something from the Romance Triangle. But I digress.)

If you, like so many, believe your creative ideas for “date nights” are on holiday, surfs up. Search for “date night ideas” or “dates he likes”, “dates she likes”. Place your personal stamp on the ideas you encounter, and you will turn these date night ideas into Romantic Interludes.

A little time and effort, a little research plus action and voilà, you’ll create regular Romantic Interlude “date nights”.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from or share the contents of this blog provided you credit the source.

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