Mutualistic Romantic Relatinship

My brother and I had only 3 days to:

  • Fly to Portland, Oregon,
  • Rent a UHaul truck and trailer (about 37 feet total length),
  • Load a couple thousand pounds of dad and his wife’s belongings, and
  • Drive non-stop from the coast of Oregon to Memphis, Tennessee (2,334 miles/3,756 Km.).

Have you ever driven long distance without cruise control?

You drive erratically, speeding up and slowing down – concentrating on too many things. And your foot cramps from the never-ending speed adjustments.

Following the black stretch of highway reaching non-stop toward the retreating horizon, I was on the lookout for a trucker who:

  1. Drove steadily, safely, and
  2. Had the cruise control set to my desired speed.

Twice during that cross-country dash I found such a friend. I tucked my truck and trailer in behind the 18-wheeler and followed mile after mile. My speed became steady and my foot relaxed.

To help with new Romantic Interlude ideas for your relationship and help carry the load, look for a friend, brother, sister who matches your relationship journey.

But you don’t want a symbiotic relationship like I had with these truckers where only I benefited. You want someone with whom you can share ideas for romance in a mutualistic relationship where both benefit.

In this mutualistic relationship, both provide Romantic Interlude ideas, suggestions and feedback. You pool ideas. Each relationship profits and there’s less pressure on each of you to come up with all the creative romantic ideas.

Find a friend who you respect, is interested in bringing more romance into their own relationship and would like to share Romantic Interludes ideas in a two-way, mutualistic relationship. You’ll be helping him/her and she/he’ll be helping you.

It will help your Romantic Interludes become more consistent and enjoyable. Your relationship will benefit and your sweetheart will thank you.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from or share the contents of this blog provided you credit the source. Appreciate that.

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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