Don’t Confuse Romance and 6-x

“So, how’s romance between you and Juanita,” I asked a friend.

“It’s going great. If I’m lucky, we get romantic a couple times a week,” he replied.

Come on, now!

We’ve talked about this. He’s read what I’ve written about romance. And yet, he continues to accept the common, shallow definition of romance: Romance = 6-x.

In his defense, this misconception is perpetuated by society. You know, “Be ready when the moment turns romantic”. A little “roll in the hay”, a little “afternoon delight” and voilà – you’re romantic.

Let me stand up and say, Romance is not 6-x!

Romance is so much more than a physical act between two people in a relationship. While romance may lead to 6-x, romance is not 6-x.

As you’ve probably picked up by now, people who confuse 6-x and romance is a frustration of mine. Why would people want to limit romance to a single, physical act when it is so much more?

From the top.

Romance is doing something your sweetheart appreciates which is unexpected, unique between the two of you, possibly “magical”, and reminds your sweetheart he/she is cherished and why he/she fell in love with you.

Romance is about relationship building. It’s about creating moments. It is a myriad of different ways you deepen connection with your sweetheart.

  • A gift commemorating a special time together.
  • A walk along the beach, sharing the moment the sun slumbers into the night.
  • A smile from across the room, a song stoking a memory, a hug reminding you your special.

Romance takes time. It takes forethought. And while it can happen in a moment, it can last a lifetime.

Remember, romance is not 6-x. Romance is so much more.

Thank you for allowing me to help continue expanding your definition of romance.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from or share the contents of this blog provided you credit the source.

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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