Romance on The Brooklyn Bridge

Restaurants are closed. Theaters darkened. Musician silenced. Weekend getaways restricted.

How and where can I romance my sweetheart when everything’s closed?

Now, imagine this romantic dinner setting.

  • A river-view table.
  • Boats cruising by.
  • A gentle breeze ruffling the napkins.
  • Sun sinking over the city.

Sound romantic? It’s dinner – on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Because of the pandemic, Dean and Jasmine’s long-planned 5-year anniversary getaway was cancelled. The 2-week quarantine required before check-in made it impossible. Yet they were determined to keep their Romance Alive.

Consequently, Dean and Jasmine began creating romantic dinner dates, including table, chairs, napkins, faux candles, Sangria – in unlikely places like downtown Manhattan, Coney Island boardwalk and the busy Brooklyn Bridge.

People seem to react to obstacles in one of two ways. Either they stare at the barrier, moan about its impenetrability, and give up. Or they see the barrier and immediately look for ways to get around it, over it or charge right through it.

If you let an impediment stop you from romancing your sweetheart, many more “obstacles” will materialize. Let another obstacle deter you and additional obstacles will appear like relatives at a will reading. Soon – no more romance.

But become determined to find a way to romance your sweetheart despite these “obstacles” and future obstacles dwindle.

To overcome barriers to romancing your sweetheart:

  • Be creative. When a crazy idea comes up, don’t immediately reject it. Try it out.
  • Be proactive. Look for ideas. Discover what others are doing.
  • Be resolute. If an idea doesn’t work, don’t stop. Try another.

Your mind will become programmed to defeat impediments to romance. Closed restaurants turn into adventurous detours. Travel restrictions generate creative alternatives.

Don’t let obstacles thwart you. Like Dean and Jasmine, become creative, spontaneous and keep your Romance Alive no matter the hindrances.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from or share the contents of this blog provided you credit the source.

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