“O” Is For Other Half

R” stands for “Relationship” in our Romance acrostic. Continuing on:

O” is for your “Other half”, the second letter of Romance.

When you think about your Other half, is this the picture which comes to mind?

Women sitting in the living room enjoying multiple concurrent conversations. Into this rollicking party walks pensive, tentative Jerry.

The room quiets and Dorothy steps out from behind the floor lamp. The memorable moment in the story happens. Jerry tell Dorothy, “You complete me.” (“Jerry Maguire”, ©TriStar Pictures 1996)

But that’s not what I mean by your Other half.

Thinking of your Other half as completing you means you need another person in order to be a person yourself. And your Other half’s never-ending responsibility is to make you whole.

YUCK! Who wants to be in that relationship?

The Other half in Romance is about your sweetheart, not about your sweetheart completing you. It’s about focusing on your Other half.

Many people approach Romance projecting onto their sweetheart their preferred way of being romanced. Maybe romance to you means a sapphire or onyx pinky ring or some other little gift. The assumption is their sweetheart likes to be romanced with gift after gift after gift.

This result is an accumulation of under-appreciated gifts and no sense of romance.

When you focus on your sweetheart and tuning in to your Other half’s romantic preference(s), truly romancing your sweetheart, your Other half, becomes more probable. How does he/she prefer to be romanced? Instead of gifts, you may discover your Other half would rather spend time together fixing a meal or taking a walk. Your Other half prefers romancing with the gift of your time.

Concentrate on your sweetheart. In the “R” of Romance (Relationship), focus on your “O” (Other half) and her/his preference, to truly create more Romance with your sweetheart.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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