M is For Memories

For our Romance acrostic:

R” = “Relationship
O” = your “Other half”.
M” = “Memories

Name something you and your sweetheart did this last year you thought was romantic. Something you’d consider the relational highlight of the year.

  • Was it something your sweetheart said to you?
  • An event or maybe just an evening together?
  • Maybe a unique gift?

And as you consider the last 5 years together, what Romantic Memory stands out?

  • What made it memorable?
  • How did that affect your relationship?
  • Do you think you’ll ever forget it?

There are a couple reasons Romantic Memories are important to our relationships.

Firstly, Romantic Memories are usually created from an intimate, intense, unique experience, unique to the two of you. While others may have been around, the memory you and your sweetheart share isn’t shared by anyone else. It brought you closer and is part of the fabric of your relationship.

  • Around 100 people crowded the Eiffel Tower’s third level observation deck that November evening. We gazed down on the City of Lights from 900 feet. I put my arms around my sweetheart and held her close. In that moment, our world shrank to 2 people creating a Romantic Memory – a Memory permanently etched in my mind.

Secondly, Romantic Memories are anchor points.

There’s not a relationship I’ve known that didn’t traverse rough seas in moments of anger or hurt. At times you question your desire to continue together. It’s not always pretty.

Yet in those questioning moments, a Romantic Memory created years ago surfaces to remind me how much my sweetheart and this relationship mean to me. It becomes the lifeline anchored to that Memory which see us through that storm.

Whenever and as often as you can, continue creating Romantic Memories with your sweetheart. They could save your relationship tomorrow.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from or share the contents of this blog provided you credit the source.

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