“N” Is For Not Your Preference

For our Romance acrostic:

R” = “Relationship
O” = your “Other half”.
M” = “Memories
A” = “Action
N” = “Not About Your Preference

Years ago I supervised about 40 people spread across 8 departments – all direct reports.  Can you imagine?

Honestly, that first year was tough. Seemed like someone, or an entire department, was always unhappy. I’d think about how I’d want to be approached to resolve the issue, then take action. No matter what I did, someone was upset with me. And they had no problem talking with my boss about it.

Starting my second year, an insight arose from this constant chaos. It was a simple idea, yet it gave me an invaluable insight into successful management.

The epiphany – each person is unique. I began modifying my approach to each employee according to their uniqueness. What might work with me didn’t necessarily work for another.

I told you it was simple. Yet what a difference.

How do you prefer to be romanced?

Your sweetheart gives you a charm for your bracelet, it commemorates something special between the you of you like a vacation memory. How romantic.

You find a special, romantic gift for your sweetheart. Your sweetheart’s response is tepid, unenthusiastic. How can your sweetheart not find it romantic? After all, getting a gift is so romantic – to you. It your preference.

And where’s your focus?

Your sweetheart’s preference is probably Not Your Preference. Again, your sweetheart’s preferred way of being romanced could be different from yours. Romance is Not About Your Preference.

Take time, listen and watch your sweetheart’s response to your romantic overtures. By paying attention, you’ll learn how your sweetheart prefers to be romanced. With that knowledge, you can romance your sweetheart with his/her preference – which is Not Your Preference.

Focus on your sweetheart’s preference It’s Not About Your Preference.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from or share the contents of this blog provided you credit the source.

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