“C” is For Continue to Romance

For our Romance acrostic:

R” = “Relationship
O” = your “Other half”.
M” = “Memories
A” = “Action
N” = “Not About Your Preference
C” = “Continue” to romance

“Not another bouquet!

Jeff was infatuated with and chasing after Eileen.

  • There were cards, including original poems.
  • Flowers delivered twice a week.
  • Even a singing telegram.

Eileen became more repulsed. (More later)

To keep Romance Alive, you mustn’t give up and you mustn’t chase. You must however Continue learning how to romance your sweetheart.

John C. Maxwell in “Failing Forward” writes that you only move forward (improve) by stretching yourself and making mistakes (failing).

Learning to successfully romance your sweetheart means failures will happen.

If you try something and it isn’t well received, do you give up? Or do you Continue making attempts to romance your sweetheart?

  • Give up, and romance will never happen. Or,
  • Realize that attempt didn’t work. Then Continue with another attempt. This gives you a chance to succeed.

If you Continue experimenting with different ways to romance your sweetheart, “successes” will happen. Continue learning and trying, and you’ll experience more successes. Failure become the launching pad for successes.

(Back to Jeff and Eileen) Jeff chased Eileen from a position of weakness. He was desperate to “win” her. Weak! Her interested disappeared. His desperation repulsed her.

You, however, can Continue to learn to romance from a position of strength.

  • You start with your existing relationship with your sweetheart.
  • You focus on improving this relationship. And,
  • You don’t peg your net worth to your sweetheart’s approval. You consider failures something that didn’t work and then Continue trying to romance your sweetheart how he/she wishes to be romanced.

As you Continue creating Romantic Interludes, don’t chase. Don’t let failures define you. Continue trying to romance. And you will become the romantic your sweetheart desires.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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