SCUBA Romance For The New Year

Have you ever been SCUBA diving?

It’s a wonderful experience.

  • You observe sea life up close, in its environment.
  • You can move any direction you want: up, down, sideways.
  • You float weightlessly.

You will need lessons to get to this Jacques Cousteau experience.

To qualify for my PADI license, I took classes at the local dive shop. Learned about clearing my mask, breathing through a snorkel, dive charts and calculators, buddy breathing and BCDs.

One evening our instructor informed us, we’d face the most difficult task of the entire course.

Difficult? We were inside a building, in a swimming pool. No waves, currents or animals. How could this be difficult?

We geared up and entered the pool. Mask, fins, snorkel, air tanks, regulators – the whole works.

Now, sit on the bottom of the pool”, he instructed.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take that first breath when you’re completely underwater? Your brain screams, “No! Don’t breathe in! You’ll just suck water!

Sometimes romancing your sweetheart feels like taking that first underwater breath – terrifying.

Your mind and emotions warn red alert. Danger Will Robinson. Don’t do it. This could be risky. You could fail spectacularly and feel like dying.

To overcome that fear, you need fierce determination. It also helps to observe and learn from others and how they successfully romance their sweetheart.

In this new year, resolve to take that first scary underwater breath and romance you sweetheart.

Remember, romance is doing something to express affection to your sweetheart in a meaningful way, by creating special moments that uniquely enhance the relationship and create a special memory.

Take a chance. Venture into the unknown. Ignore your discomfort and risk romancing your sweetheart.

Here’s to new year of romantic adventures. Let’s explore it together.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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