“E” is for No Excuses

Been a few weeks but back to the romantic acrostic.

R” = “Relationship
O” = your “Other half”.
M” = “Memories
A” = “Action
N” = “Not About Your Preference
C” = “Continue” to romance

E” = No “Excuses

Flex your knees, torque your body, swing your arms and smack the ball. Ping! Walk 200 yards. Crank up the body again. Ping! Repeat this routine for hours.

I admit it. After 9 holes of golf, I need a break – and I use a cart.

If you faced 5 days, 90 holes, walking over 20 miles (no cart) on a broken leg and gimpy knee, would you go for it?

At the 2008 U.S. Open, Tiger Woods played a memorable golf tournament. Despite 2 stress fractures in his tibia, reconstructive surgery on a knee the previous week, and an impossible shot to force the playoff, Tiger made the shot, won the tournament.

Tiger refused to make Excuses and quit. He persevered – No Excuses.

  • Ever tried to romance your sweetheart and it was a spectacular failure?
  • Did finances, kids or schedules Excuse you from creating a Romantic Interlude?
  • Have you let weariness talk you out of trying to be romantic?

I have, and I’d bet you have too.

Remember, it’s not the obstacles standing in the way of romancing your sweetheart that count. It’s whether or not you give in to the obstacles and allow Excuses to defeat you.

Answer me this. Who wins when Excuses screech for attention?

If the Excuse wins, romance will elude your relationship.

But if you have a no Excuse mindset, refuse to succumb to the squawk of impediments and stay determined to romance your sweetheart no Excuses, romance will build your relationship.

Have a no Excuse mindset like Tiger. Don’t let obstacles, hinderances or distractions control you. Resolve to romance your sweetheart – no Excuses.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from or share the contents of this blog provided you credit the source.

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