An Arrogant or Confident Romantic?

Which do you find more attractive?

  1. An arrogant romantic? Or,
  2. A confident romantic?

Some believe arrogance and confidence are related. Arrogance is just overboard confidence.

Not true.

This is the reason you’re attracted by confidence and nauseated by arrogance.

Shelly was very self-assured of her abilities. If you don’t believe me, ask her. She’d let you know she could do things better than anybody – and she bragged about it to everyone she met.

Tom was also self-assured of his abilities. However, when you met him, you might not be aware of his extraordinary talents. If asked, he’d admit his abilities. He might also tell you he wasn’t the best at everything and there were things he didn’t do well (weaknesses).

Shelly focused on herself – proclaiming her abilities like a gaudy Las Vegas billboard. Tom knew his strengths without the billboard. He’d acknowledge his fortés and was just as comfortable admitting he might not be THE best or recognizing another’s talents.

Arrogant people are self-promoting. Confident people let their actions speak.

When it comes to romancing your sweetheart, do you focus on using your strengths as a romantic, broadcasting your adventures demonstrating your romantic skills (arrogant)? Or do you focus on your sweetheart, creating Romantic Interludes she/he enjoys, whether anyone else ever knows (confident)?

Hopefully you are the later – focused on your sweetheart.

And if you’re not feeling about confident creating a Romantic Interlude, start by focusing on using the talents you possess.

  • If you’re good with words, express yourself.
  • If you’re a good listener, sit quietly and encourage your sweetheart to share.
  • If you’re good at locating hidden gems, take your sweetheart on a date to such an eatery.

Each successful Interlude grows your confidence quietly. You become a confident romantic who creates Romantic Interludes his sweetheart relishes – very attractive.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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