Building Your Sweetheart’s Romantic Confidence

A confident sweetheart is attractive? And a confident romantic alluring, fascinating?

But it’s possible your sweetheart isn’t so confident.

You know your sweetheart and can see the wonderfulness of him/her. You see specks and splashes of confidence. And you’d like to see more of that – especially when it comes to romance.

You can wish and fantasize OR you could encourage romantic confidence without being pushy.

Interested? Here’s where to start.

Last week I wrote about utilizing one’s talents to begin to build confidence. You can also utilize them to help your sweetheart become a more confident romantic.

What are your sweetheart’s strengths? Listening? Expressing in words? Finding great destinations to explore?

Whenever your sweetheart uses one of those strengths to do something that jiggles the romantic needle, acknowledge it. Encourage it. Simple comments like, “when you wrote me that note, it put a smile on my face.” Or, “I enjoyed the quiet dinner together, just the two of us.”

The idea is to lightly, almost imperceptibly let your sweetheart hear that you noticed and enjoyed that moment.

  • Don’t make it a big production.
  • Don’t belittle for not being more.
  • Welcome and appreciate what was done.

This encouragement reinforces the thought in your sweetheart that he/she can do things you find romantic. And as she/he receives more compliments for these little gestures, your sweetheart becomes more confident.

If your sweetheart isn’t exactly romancing you the way you want to be romanced, let it go. The focus is on your relationship, on building your sweetheart’s confidence and bringing more romance into your relationship.

Your relationship is worth investing in your sweetheart’s romantic confidence.

Romance isn’t a sprint, blazing for a moment then ending too soon. It’s a marathon designed to enhance the long term relationship you both value.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from this blog or share its contents provided you credit the source.

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