T-Shirt Romantic Expressions

If you were to draw a picture describing the fun your sweetheart brings to your relationship, what would it look like? Bold colors? Soft pastels? Interesting patterns? Wild circles?

Get two white t-shirts, some colored permanent markers, finger-foods and liquid refreshments.

Invite your sweetheart to join you in creating unique t-shirts for each other. You’ll do a t-shirt for your sweetheart and he/she’ll do one for you. The theme of each t-shirt is the fun your sweetheart brings to the relationship.

Break out the markers. Break out the snacks and drinks. Break out the giggles and have fun. Don’t analyze what’s drawn. You’ll both have a unique, one-of-a-kind sweetheart t-shirt. Enjoy. Robert

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Carpe Diem Romance

His feet felt molded into his boots. And he continued clomping along the dusty trail with the others in his unit. No one complained. They’d been promised an evening at a local dance hall if they completed the course by 4 o’clock.

By 3:45 the last klick brought a few smiles to their soldier-tired faces. Tonight would be drinks and dancing.

George scrubbed until the dirt brown water in the drain changed to soapy clear. Dark hair properly combed, a bit of aftershave and he was off with the guys to find something soothing to drink and someone pretty to dance with.

Would you like to dance?” George asked.

Jean eyed his army boots and said, “I don’t know whether we can or not with those clodhoppers you’re wearing.”

The comment hung suspended between them like a shot with no time left on the clock. Before things turned awkward, Jean grinned, “but let’s give it a try.”

In the middle of WWII, in a dance hall near London, Canadian George and British Jean began a dance, a romance which spanned 75 years.

George could easily have looked at his clodhoppers and figured no self-respecting lady would risk her toes and reputation dancing with him. Jean could have sized him up from across the floor and ducked for cover when he came her way.

Neither of them let uncertainty keep them from “giving it a try”.

Sometimes romancing your sweetheart seems awkward.

  • You don’t have the perfect words,
  • You don’t have perfect plans,
  • You don’t have the perfect Interlude.

But when faced with the decision to give in to fears or take a chance on romance, carpe diem. Give the Romantic Interlude a try anyway. The outcome could be a beautiful relationship, a beautiful romance. Robert

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Two Poignant Romantic Memories

Thinking back over the last 6 months, what three special moments you shared with your sweetheart still makes you smile? What’s the most poignant memories of those moments?

Sit down at your computer or, better yet, get some nice stationary and write a short recap of those moments. Describe each in as much detail as possible. Where were the two of you? What were the surroundings? What did you do?

Find a photo or a picture which reminds you of the moment and add it to the story.

Give your sweetheart this little book you created and relive the memories together. Robert

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Memorable Romantic Interlude

Snow in a city is not fun. It might be pretty – for maybe the first hour. Then it becomes an impediment to life.

  • Commutes take forever, no matter how many snowplows.
  • You’re trapped inside. Too much hassle to layer up for your lunchbreak.
  • It’s dark and cold.

Her morning messages included one from her sweetheart, “We’re getting away for dinner. Pick you up at noon”.

Intrigued, she responded “YES! Where are we going?”

Couldn’t be far. His sedan wasn’t built for a foot of snow. Yet he was picking her up at noon . . . for dinner?

The front desk called. Her ride was waiting. The Mercedes limousine driver opened her door. No sign of sweetheart. Just a note on her seat. “See you in 20 minutes. S

The car stopped in front of TEB. He stood at the curb, opened her door, offered his arm and escorted her into the hangar and onto a private jet.

What and where was he up to this time” she wondered. Above the clouds, the sun shone from the starboard side. They were headed south and he’d packed warm weather clothes for her.

Imagine your sweetheart whisking you away for a tropical beach dinner on a gloomy winter day. When I read about it, I thought, “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams on a Kool-Aid and taco budget.”

But even on our income, there are things in this story you could use to romance your sweetheart.

  1. Her sweetheart designed a Romantic Interlude.
  2. His invitation created anticipation and intrigue.
  3. He took a traditional evening dinner and changed one thing (location) to make it memorable.

You can design a memorable Romantic Interlude. Make one part of the Interlude different and expected. You’ll create a unique moment for the two of you to share and remember. That’s romantic. What part will you change? Robert

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Emoji Romance

Emojis have taken over communications. People don’t send messages with words. They do it with emojis. So drag this contemporary communications crutch back in time, to romance your sweetheart.

Get several 4”x 3”, or a similar size Post-it Notes. On each Note, sketch an emoji which communicates how you feel about your sweetheart. For example, sketch a kissy face, a beating heart, a face blowing a kiss. Autograph each Note.

Scatter your Post-it Note sketches where your sweetheart will find them: briefcase, purse, steering wheel, mirror.

Let the emoji speak for you.

You can find emoji ideas at www.Emojiipedia.org. Robert 🙂

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A Manly-Man’s Romance

How romantic: roses, candlelight, soft music from Yanni, staring into each other’s eyes while the realities of life sail over the horizon.

A “manly man’s” approach to romance might be laced with bold confidence edging on arrogance. A manly-man:

  • Transports his sweetheart in a vintage sportscar;
  • Offers his muscled-arm to escort his sweetheart into the best restaurant in town;
  • Carries his sweetheart up the steps and gently deposits her on the front door of her castle.

Morgana’s sweetheart is a manly-man.  He’s an actor who plays an outlaw motorcyclist and a knight. He’s also a romantic.

So what does Morgana’s sweetheart, Charlie, do that’s so romantic?

  1. Before leaving for the Toronto International Film Festival, he stayed up all night cleaning the entire house. Then he topped it off with flowers in the kitchen and bedroom – just so she’d come home to an immaculate house.
  2. He shares in grocery shopping and doing the laundry.
  3. He publicly admits he enjoys cooking for her.

And Morgana finds all of this very Romantic.

Tough-guy actor Charlie Hunnam romances his sweetheart with the gift of his time. He spends time doing things for her. He spends time doing things with her. In other words, he spends time romancing Morgana in ways she prefers to be romanced.

What is your sweetheart’s romantic preference?

If your sweetheart prefers to be romanced with the gift of your time, take time, make time, to do something unexpected for him/her.

  • Clean the bedroom and bathroom, then add flowers or scented candles;
  • Take your sweetheart’s car for an oil change and a carwash;
  • Work together washing the dishes or picking up tools.

These little surprise gifts of time help keep Romance Alive with your sweetheart.

Charlie Hunnam summarizes romance as follows: it’s all about continuing to surprise your sweetheart, even after more than a decade together.

So, what do you consider a manly-man’s romance? Robert

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Dreamin’ on the River

Giving your sweetheart the gift of your valuable time creates a great Romantic Interlude.

Get a brochure describing Tahiti, Bora Bora or some other exotic beach that interests your sweetheart and might interest you. Locate a nearby lake or gentle stream.

Pack up snacks, drinks and the brochure. Invite your sweetheart to join you for an afternoon getaway.

When you arrive, kick off your shoes, roll up you pants, sit close and dangle your feet in the water. Share the snacks. Pull out the brochure and read the location description to your sweetheart. Then ask, what would be the greatest thing about being there.

Let the daydreaming start. Robert

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