Movie Night for Two

It’s fun sharing a movie with your sweetheart. In line, you talk about the movie’s reviews and actors, then what you believe.

In the lobby, your senses are wooed by the smell of popcorn, making you thirsty for something to drink. Your eyes lust for the candy you avoid in the “real world”.

What a great experience to share with your sweetheart. but maybe you hesitate: the price, the drive, the time, the line.

Make it a movie night for two. Find a movie your sweetheart will enjoy. Pop some buttery popcorn. Open your favorite fizzy drinks. Get some snack-size candy. Snuggle up close. Lights out, in the comfort of your own house, and roll ’em. Robert

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PDA (public display of affection) benefits your relationship in two ways. It 1) publicly declares you’re a couple, and 2) reminds your sweetheart how you feel about her/him.

Next time you’re walking together, slip your arm around your sweetheart’s waist. Make it a gentle move. Nothing over the top. Let your sweetheart feel the warmth of your arm around his/her waist.

Slow down a bit. Let your sweetheart relax in your embrace or relax into your sweetheart. Enjoy the moment as you return to the days when touching each other was more common.

So do you enjoy PDA? Do you practice with your sweetheart? Let me know. Robert

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Creating Fresh Romance

My eyes absorbed the morning.

  • Sky the royal blue of a perfectly cut blue sapphire;
  • Air filled with tiny, glittering ice diamonds;
  • Water of Lake Tahoe sparkling with thousands of mirrors;
  • Snow below “my” chairlift the fluffiest powder.

I love to snow ski and days like this are the exception. Yesterday’s snow started early. Sometime during the night the storm exhausted its supply of snow and the clouds disappeared. This morning was heavenly.

Coming over the rise, I prepared to disembark. Ski tips up (as instructed). Double check gloves, hat and poles.

Scanning the landing zone – oh horrors! Obviously I wasn’t the first skier of the morning. A herd of buffalo must have already ridden this lift.

Years of practice met the deep gouges left by previous riders. My skis followed their divergent ruts.

Romance can experience something similar.

Your relationship is gliding along in a beautiful place. You’re fascinated with the idea of romancing your sweetheart. You want to create a Romantic Interlude to capture her/his imagination. As you consider how to romance him/her, you find yourself repeating an experience you’ve frequently created before. The magic of the moment is clouded by the ruts of repeated dull ideas.

Don’t be discouraged.

You want to create a fresh Romantic Interlude. That by itself puts you above the average bear. Even if you’ve just taken a spill in your pursuit of romantic magic, you can get out of the routine romantic rut. Simply devote a little time exploring different ideas, ideas from friends or magazines or the web. Make plans to try something unfamiliar to you.

Next trip up the lift I was prepared for the ruts. This time I glided over them, adjusted my straps and relished the quiet thrill shushing down the slopes.

Be aware of and work your way out of the routine romantic rut. It’ll help keep your Romance Alive. Robert

If you’d like a supply of Romantic Interlude ideas, check out my ebook from Amazon, A Year of Romantic Interludes

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Romantic Fashion Show

Does your sweetheart enjoy clothes shopping? In this Romantic Interlude you’ll let your sweetheart be the model.

Invite your sweetheart to put on a fashion show for you.

Tell your sweetheart you’d like go to the store have him/her model clothes. You’re going to be the official photographer for the model.

When you arrive, both of you start selecting clothes for your sweetheart to model. Let your sweetheart try on as many outfits as she/he wants. Photograph your sweetheart in each outfit. If the clerk asks you about it, say he/she wants to compare outfits.

When you get home, enjoy the photos together. You might find one for a memory.

This can work for either the gentleman or lady. Robert

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Stargazing Romance

When was the last time you and your sweetheart shared an evening, laying on your backs watching the stars?

I know. It’s something we did as kids. But there’s something about a warm evening, staring at the stars and sharing dreams. Looking for the first star, the first planet or tracing constellations is celestial magic for a relationship.

Plan an evening stargazing with your sweetheart. All you need is a blanket and somewhere away from bright lights. If such a spot in difficult to find, or the insects too numerous, look for a planetarium nearby.

After stargazing, stop for coffee or ice cream, and continue dreaming. Robert

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Romantic Fruity Message

How about a fruity Romantic interlude?

Get a slice of watermelon, a banana, an apple, a knife and a plate. Invite your sweetheart to help you create a special fruit message.

Cut the slice of watermelon into the shape of a heart. Cut a strip of banana into a straight line about the thickness of a pencil. Cut the apple into the shape of an arrowhead and feathers. Assemble your Cupid heart and arrow. Tell your sweetheart your fruitily in love with her/him.

Make it as fancy as you want. If the first version of any piece doesn’t come out as you want, eat the mistake and try again. Have fun with it. Robert

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Celestial Totality vs. Romantic Interlude

For over a year, plans were created, modified and refined. Options researched; expenses calculated. Months in advance, the request was submitted and approved for a day away from the office.

During the weeks leading up to the realization of the dream, weather forecasts were scrutinized more intently than a weather chaser.

I, along with millions of my closest friends, wanted to experience celestial totality.

For me, the choices were:

  • Georgia – close but with limited viewing areas,
  • South Carolina – favored by hordes of Atlanteans, or
  • Tennessee – the furthest I wanted to drive.

The weather favored Tennessee. The smaller towns and crowds favored Tennessee. Accommodations with my son near the path favored Tennessee.

After a year of dreaming, months of planning and hours of driving, I experienced 2:34 of totality in Decatur, Tennessee – which ended in a flash.

A Romantic Interlude isn’t like a solar eclipse.

You might spend a year planning an Interlude. You could take a day off work. You might even drive hours to realize your planned Romantic Interlude. But here’s where the comparisons end.

No matter how much I’d like to share another eclipse with my sweetheart, the very best I could hope for is an expedition to South America in two or three years. That’s a long wait and quite a journey.

You, however, can plan a Romantic Interlude with your sweetheart – and repeat it as frequently as you wish. You can modify your Interlude and enhance the experience. You can delay it or bring forward the planned date.

No matter how much I may wish to repeat a total solar eclipse experience, I cannot control when or where it happens.

On the other hand, you can control the what, when and where of your Romantic Interlude with your sweetheart. I encourage you to create one today.

How did you enjoy the solar eclipse? I invite you to share. Robert

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