Sticky Note Romance

Get some sticky notes, the ones your use on your computer screen and wall to keep track of things. If you can find some heart-shaped ones, even better. The only other things you’ll need are a pen and your imagination

Create and leave little notes for your sweetheart to find during the day: on steering wheel of the car, in a coat or pants pocket, taped to the fridge, on the telephone, on the mirror in the bathroom, etc.

  • Need some note ideas?
  • “Can you see my lips moving to tell you, ‘I love you?’”
  • “I miss you when we’re apart.”
  • “Smile. I do when I think of you.”

Now it’s your turn to think up a couple ideas. Robert

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Romancing With Time

Last week was a tidal wave or never ending appointments, deadlines, tasks to perform and occasionally slowing down to attempt to sleep. When this post attempted to get my attention in the middle of the maelstrom, it was missed. Let’s get back on track.

Giving the gift of time is one of the four ways to romance your sweetheart I write about in, “Growing Romance”. Some people prefer to be romanced by the gift of time.

One interesting thing about people with this preference is for them what you do during time together is not that important.

This can be a difficult concept for their sweetheart. After all, we should be “doing something” when we’re together. We “should” entertain our sweetheart or help our sweetheart or go somewhere with our sweetheart.

Many years ago, I was invited to a girlfriend’s house for the evening. She was busy decorating a cake when I arrived. As I put on my baking hat, she let me know she didn’t need my help. She told me I could watch TV or whatever while she decorated the cake. I forced myself to stay seated and not try to do anything. I was restless.

Can you relate with my restlessness?

If your sweetheart prefers to be romanced through the gift of your time, it’s OK to just sit and talk or work on different computers while in the same room or just watch TV together.

Think about it: Your sweetheart wants to and enjoys being in your presence.

Mike, a member of our Romance Alive community knows his sweetheart prefers to be romanced with the gift of time. He has amassed an extremely large collection of black & white videos, movies made when they seemed to focus on romance and relationships. He spends time with her relaxing together and watching classic movies.

He’s learned her romantic preference, collected resources for Romantic Interludes and romances her with TIME – her preference.

I’m always glad to hear that someone is putting in the energy to keep the glow of romance alive.

What are you doing this week to help keep romance alive in your relationship? Robert

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Almost As Good As Being There

The worldwide web makes it possible to buy gifts from places you may never be able to visit.

Listen and find out what location in the world your sweetheart would like to see. Go online and purchase one or several small gifts from that location.

Create a basket for your sweetheart. Include the gift(s) you purchased along with a couple pictures of the location and a flag of the country. Get a translation into the local language of something like, “Imagine this kiss at (add a specific about the destination)” and add it to the basket.

Give the basket to your sweetheart as “the next best thing to being there”. Happy travels. Robert

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Grab a Chance for Romance

Is a wedding a romantic event? Probably not if you’re at a friend’s wedding, sitting by yourself.

Wearing his best suit, Sig sat through 47 minutes and 21 seconds of candles, tuxedos, and nuptial mush for his friend Roy. Ever the gentleman, he smiled, maintained his poise and filed out when his row was dismissed.

As the guests found their cars and headed for the reception, one young lady appeared stranded, without transport to the reception.

“Need a ride?”, Sig asked.

She accepted his invitation. Off they rumbled in Sig’s father’s old Buick, making introductory small-talk during the 15-minute ride.

Surprisingly, they discovered their assigned reception seats were next to each other. The conversation begun in the car, expanded and deepened as the festivities continued.

The bride greeted guests in the obligatory receiving line. Needing a sip of water, she took a step backwards, and as she turned to grab the glass, her veil brushed against a candle, bursting into flames.

Sig saw the flames, mounted his white horse, pulled the veil off the bride’s head and extinguished the flames with his shoes. He became the savior of the wedding.

While her curiosity was peaked with their conversation, Jean became quite interested in learning more about this fireman hero.

As the evening concluded, Jean accepted Sig’s invitation for a lift home. Thus, a relationship begun at a wedding gathering in Brooklyn, became a romance which continued for decades.

Interesting how an opportunity for romance can begin with a little:

  • Courtesy,
  • Selflessness, and
  • Forethought

The reason I include “forethought”? The stranded damsel and reception seating weren’t serendipitous events.

Sig had been interested in meeting Jean and asked the bride to set up the “chance” encounters. He arranged the opportunity, Carpe diem, and initiated a lifelong romance. Robert

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Tour of Home Romance

Ever driven through an historic neighborhood and wished you could peak inside?

Do a search and see when they have a tour of homes near you when you can walk through similar homes.

Invite your sweetheart to go house-hunting with you.

Explore the homes opened for tours. Take in the layout of the house, the furniture and what you like about the house.

After the tour, find a café and ask your sweetheart which house was a favorite and why. Then share dreams of how you’d set up the house if it were yours. Relax. Enjoy the time together.  Robert

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Do Something Uncomfortable for Romance

She belonged to a troupe of barely employed, hoping-to-make-it actors, traveling in a bus running on the hopes and dreams of its occupants. Their tiny theater company performed in whatever passed for a playhouse as they traveled the icy Montana highways.

He was big and hairy, looking more like one of the grizzlies in the Bridger Range. Raised in a conservative, farm-country family, he’d landed in a tiny mountain cabin outside of town. In this solitary refuge, he’d come clean, gotten sober and become content with life.

While she packed up after their performance in this forgetful town, he walked in from the cold, complaining about the lack of serious theater where real actors gave memorable performances.

His remarks generated steam inside her, which had nothing to do with the sub-zero temperature outside. Her repartee touched off a spirited debate about the value of musical comedy vs. “serious” works of Anton Chekhov.

Soon, the frigid debate began to thaw like a mid-winter chinook wind. They discovered they were enjoying time together.

Daylight began before the conversation ended. Slowly he walked her to the old bus. They said their good byes, waved, and headed their separate directions.

A few hours later, the bus parked in front of another quaint old opera house in a different, unmemorable Montana town. She prepared to entertain another audience.

As she delivered another well written punchline, she heard a distinctive baritone laughter, one she’d met less than 24 hours earlier.

Without asking permission, he had made a decision, taken a chance, and showed up – starting a romance which continues 30 years later.

Sometimes you take a chance, inconvenience yourself, become uncomfortable and let yourself romance your sweetheart. The outcome’s not guaranteed.

But then again, it could become the first of more Romantic Interludes than you could have imagined. Something to consider. Robert

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Splurge on Romance

I’ve often cautioned about going all out and overspending on romance. However, every once-in-a-while, a little frivolity can spice up a Romantic Interlude.

Instead of waiting for your next vacation to trade your old metal steed for a different set of wheels, rent a “fun car” for a day. Many companies have sports, luxury or exotic cars like a Corvette or Jaguar available for rent.

Choose a long drive that follows the beach, winds through mountain curves, or shoots across the wide-open spaces near your home. Load up all kinds of your favorite junk foods. Select your favorite satellite station. Saddle up with your sweetheart and enjoy a leisurely, high-class ride.

Your Interlude destination: enjoying the outing together. Robert

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