Taking a Doggone Good Romantic Walk

Is there a canine or two (or three) in your household? Whose turn is it to take them for some exercise, a.k.a. a walk?

It’s time to share the exercise with your sweetheart.

In preparation, dredge a memorable experience you shared while walking the dog(s) with your sweetheart. If it’s humorous, all the better.

With your sweetheart, take the dog(s) for a mile or two walk. Walk close together, maybe even hand-in-hand. Share with your sweetheart the memorable walk with the dog(s). After sharing, ask for his/her memorable walk. Share the gift of time with your sweetheart.

BTW, what’s your dog’s name?

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Romance In A Few Words

Does your Facebook feed contain many . . . interesting posts? Mine does

There are comments, reposts, pictures and videos which range from the “ohhhhhhh” to “really!” Some proport to explain how to increase your ability to use Coke in ways having nothing to do with thirst. Others promote their vision for improving the world.

During the day I receive multiple notices that a friend or acquaintance has updated their profile or added a post. Occasionally a notice will pique my interest. The post reaches through the onslaught of daily events and entices me to open Facebook.

Today I was notified my cousin had posted on his timeline and I must open Facebook.

Like a mindless zombie, I obeyed and opened the app on my phone.

Mike, whose posts and home page center around motorcycles, romanced his sweetheart. He did it with 8 words, right in front of the more than 1,370,000,000 who log into Facebook daily.

Mike wrote, “I am proudly married to my best friend”.

Mike romanced his sweetheart with unpretentious Words. In a simple sentence, he designed a wonderful Romantic Interlude for her. He didn’t write a Lennon-McCartney song or Wadsworth poem. He didn’t need to break into a Churchill oratory or even draft a compound sentence worthy of a first-class lawyer. It only took 8 simple words to romance his sweetheart.

• Does your sweetheart prefer to be romanced with words?
• Does the idea of attempting to craft a romantic message with words terrify you?
• Are you worried you won’t be able to find the perfect set of romantic words to romance your sweetheart?

Take a cue from Mike’s Romantic Interlude. Pare down your sentiment to a dozen words or less which express how you feel about your sweetheart. “KISS” it, and romance your sweetheart with WORDS.

Can you be romantic in few words? Robert

You’re invited to participate in my latest poll



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Are Your Romantic?

Five years of marriage. Two kids. And someone had the audacity to ask if they’re romantic?

Can you identify with Giovanna’s answer to this cheeky interview’s question? “There’s just no time!”

It wasn’t always like this.

A little over 5 years ago, Tom arranged for Giovanna to rendezvous with him at the middle school where they’d met. She opened the school door and was greeted with a candlelit path carpeted with rose petals and music they’d shared together years before. On the spot of their first encounter as 13-year-olds, Tom waited with a small box and big smile.


“We are both so busy with our careers that it can feel like we haven’t had a night together where we’ve had a proper conversation in a while. “I don’t know if we work hard to keep the romance alive but we are conscious of having time for each other.”

Did you feel the impact of the last statement? Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are conscious of having time for each other – to keep their Romance Alive.

Her responses in the article made it clear. Giovanna’s preferred way to be romanced is with the gift of time. And they consciously work together to meet her romantic preference.

Keeping Romance Alive is a deliberate act. To succeed:
• Set personal reminders to deliberately look for ways to romance your sweetheart.
• When you read, hear about or see something you think your sweetheart would find romantic, make a note of it.
• Regularly create Romantic Interludes for your sweetheart.

When you intentionally make time to be with your sweetheart, to unwind together, to set aside moments for just the two of you, you can keep Romance Alive in the middle of the whirlwind of life. Small, deliberate investments make big dividends in your relationship.

So, do you consider yourself Romantic? Take our 2 question poll. Robert

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Romantic Concierge

I’ve discovered my ideal job, something for which I’m imminently qualified.

The job location isn’t a drawback, though it’d take some adjustment living in Frankfurt . . . Frankfurt, Jamaica that is. Sunny days, balmy nights, the sounds of the ocean in the background. The services rendered helps my customers enjoy and improve their relationships.

And what great services!
• Arranging Romantic cruises in tropical waters,
• Orchestrating beachfront breakfasts for two and candlelit dinners for two,
• Booking private oceanside couples massages,
• Supplying roses and chilled champagne.

Headlining my resume would be: Romance Concierge.

That’s an actual job title at the Couples Tower Isle resort. Think they’re looking for someone to create Romantic Interludes for couples. When I read it, my first thought was, “where do I apply?”.

News Flash. I can become a Romance Concierge right where I am . . . and so can you.

A Romance Concierge creates Romantic Interludes for couples. My sweetheart and I are a couple, so I could be the Romance Concierge for my sweetheart.

Whether creating Romantic Interludes for other people or for my sweetheart, the skills are the same:
• Proactively observing and seeking input on what would be enjoyed;
• Collecting ideas for Romantic Interludes and keeping them on file,
• Planning and arranging Romantic Interludes.

The wonderful thing about being my sweetheart’s Romantic Concierge is I get to participate in and enjoy the Romantic Interlude, instead romancing vicariously.

The setting may not be a Caribbean Island. Maybe dinners under a tropical moon aren’t an option. But the benefits of being your sweetheart’s Romance Concierge means you get to share these Romantic Interludes with your special someone as often as you want. And isn’t that much more satisfying for both of you?

Now where’s that help wanted ad? Robert

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Do You Remember When Dinner

Do you remember the last time you took your sweetheart out for dinner? Time to go out again

Select your sweetheart’s favorite kind of food as the evening’s meal. Chinese. Breakfast. An all-you-can-eat buffet. A good burger.

Choose an inexpensive (I use that term loosely) restaurant for dinner, somewhere serving this type of food.

After ordering your meal, begin the conversation with, “I remember the first time we went out for _____ food” or “Do you remember that place we ate ___ food in ____?” Try to remember as much detail as possible about the date and location.

If your sweetheart remembers it differently from you, let your sweetheart win that argument. This Romantic Interlude is not about winning the memory game. It’s about winning the Romantic Interlude game. Play on. Robert

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A Coke Bottle, An Iron, A Pair of Pants and Romance

For nearly 20 years I’ve researched the topic of romance. Read dozens of books, articles and studies on the topic, written a couple books, and have ideas for more . My computer has an archive of over 300 of these posts.

You know one of the biggest things I’ve discovered about romance?

• Different people find different actions romantic.
• Different people romance their sweetheart in different ways.
• What’s romantic to me might not be romantic to you.

Recently I was surprised by the manner a lady romanced her sweetheart. It involved a Coke bottle, an iron and pants.

Every day, the writer’s grandma ironed her husband’s (sweetheart’s) work pants. She’d fill a glass Coke bottle with homemade starch, sprinkle the mixture on the pants and iron them.

His grandpa’s occupation – a farmer. His work pants – jeans.

When asked why she ironed the old farmer’s work jeans, her face lit up. She explained, “He’s the most handsome man in the world.” She ironed his jeans because she loved to show him off and make all the other women in the world jealous of her catch.

When pushed to explain how this skinny, balding, bifocal-wearing farmer could be the most handsomest man, she confided:
• He is a man worthy of respect,
• His face lights up when he smiles, and
• He has made me feel beautiful.

Romance doesn’t always involve flowers or moonlit walks. It doesn’t need expensive dinners or diamond rings.

Romance can be created with the little things of life – special things done just for one’s sweetheart.

Sometimes romance is fashioned from grandma’s Coke bottle, an iron and jeans.

What do you find romantic? Robert

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Romancing Hand-in-Hand

Romantic Interlude idea: Have you ever watched the expression on someone’s face when their sweetheart takes their hand and starts walking hand-in-hand?

Try this experiment.

Next time you’re walking into the grocery store together, reach over and put your hand in your sweetheart’s. As you do so, watch the expression on your sweetheart’s face change.

Then, when you’re riding or driving in the car, gently reach over and put your hand on your sweetheart’s leg, arm or shoulder.  Make a note of your sweetheart’s reaction.

Repeat this experiment several more times, modifying how and when you touch your sweetheart. See if you don’t notice a change in their demeanor whenever you touch them. Robert

If you’re looking for more ideas for creating a Romantic Interlude, check out my ebook A Year of Romantic Interludes.

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