Destination or Experience Makes it Romantic?

It’s late Wednesday afternoon. At 32,000 feet, my sweetheart and I are returning from an Alaskan cruise.

A cruise, how romantic.

You might also think it romantic to:

  • Stroll Kensington Gardens in London;
  • Explore the narrow streets and bridges of old town Prague;
  • Watch the fog roll through the “Gate” in San Francisco.

Been there and these places can be romantic. They can also be less than romantic.

Several years ago, my sweetheart and I went to Paris. But I was there for work. Seeing the Tour Eiffel from the office I thought, “Wow! We’re in Paris!

Then it was, “No, I’m working in an office that happens to be in Paris.” Not very romantic!

Because location alone doesn’t create romance for you and your sweetheart, romance can be found no matter where you are.

To make a location romantic, first, plan ahead.

The cruise wouldn’t have been romantic if I hadn’t decided to add romance. Opening the door to our stateroom, my sweetheart was greeted with a bouquet of flowers I’d pre-ordered. I’d also planned an evening movie on the open deck, under the stars.

Secondly, plan multiple romantic experiences.

A long flight for an evening atop Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak might not create the special memory of romance. Planning several romantic moments, whether in Hong Kong, the beach, or a local getaway, increases the chance you’ll create a romantic memory the two of you can share.

Remember, it’s the experience, not the location. Deliberately planning ahead for romance, no matter the location, makes the location a romantic destination for the two of you.

BTW, the movie was a bust. The evening was cold, windy and raining. Other deliberately planned moments however, resulted in a cruise with romantic memories. Robert

Wanted to let you know my second ebook is now available on Amazon. Go to and search for “A Year Of Romantic Memos” by Robert Beagle. Think you’ll enjoy.

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