Romantic Inspiration

Imagine writing a 100-page story.

  • What would you write about?
  • How would you create the plot and characters?
  • Where would you find inspiration?

Books written by a talented authors flows. Events seem to be the obvious result of the characters and the situations they’re in.

If you’ve ever written an essay you know finding inspiration for plotlines and compelling characters is difficult.

Author Lynne Graham shares she’s always on the prowl for storylines, repelling and attractive characters, and events which make up the twists and turns of her romance novels. As a result, she finds bits and pieces of ideas in newspapers, magazine, “real” life experiences and even inanimate objects like a radiator.

Why do these things provide her inspiration?

  • She’s been looking for book ideas since the 1980’s;
  • She’s trained her mind to be aware of idea-triggerers;
  • She’s opened to inspiration from anywhere.

You also can train your mind to constantly search for and find ideas for romancing your sweetheart.

You’ll become aware of these romantic ideas if you’ll

  1. Regularly remind yourself you’re open to new romantic ideas.
  2. Entertain ideas that pop into your mind (don’t dismiss any romantic idea).
  3. As the idea take shape, capture it so you don’t forget it.

Now there will still be times when nothing. Ideas seems scare as rain in the Atacama Desert. Lynn Graham faces that. I face that. You’ll face that.

You look and read and listen . . . and nothing.

Suddenly, something triggers your brain and a romantic idea sparks. It explodes into a crazy thought and then becomes refined. A Romantic Interlude materializes and you’re ready to romance your sweetheart.

Dare to be open to romantic inspiration. Let romantic ideas pop into your head. Creative ideas will appear more frequently. Your romantic story will come to life. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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