Romance Takes Time

Remember the first time you met your sweetheart for dinner? Or where you went for your honeymoon?

Two things were probably evident in both those events:

  1. You didn’t have much money, and
  2. You hadn’t yet learned to truly romance your sweetheart.

When a relationship begins, the newness and excitement are necessary. They help mask the reality of how little you know about your sweetheart.

Relationships deepen slowly. Learning how to romance your sweetheart takes time.

Bryan Duncan said it well when he sang, “Love takes time, please be kind, see every part of me.”

Although your senior class might have voted you “the most likely to succeed in romance”, it’ll still going to take time to learn to romance your sweetheart.

It takes even more time to learn to romance your sweetheart how your sweetheart prefers to be romanced.

No matter your current romantic skill level, here’s a romantic idea your sweetheart will enjoy. Plan a weekend for just the two of you, at the site of your honeymoon or first trip together.

As you make plans, consider adding some romantic touches which align with your sweetheart’s preferred way of being romanced. You’ll know better now than you did the first time you took that trip. Might you:

  • Bring a little gift?
  • Schedule quiet walks for just the two of you?
  • Pack massage lotion?
  • Find a card expressing your love and/or create a unique playlist?

Returning to the site of your young love will probably bring up unique and pleasant shared memories. Adding the intentional romantic actions will assist in creating another special, shared memory for just the two of you. That’s romantic.

And this time you might be able to afford a suite instead of a tent. Robert

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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